Romania’s Ambassador to Bulgaria meets with His Beatitude Patriarch Neophyte | PHOTOS


Romania’s Ambassador to Bulgaria, Brândușa Predescu, met on Tuesday with His Beatitude Patriarch Neophyte at the headquarters of the Orthodox Metropolis in Sofia, the Bulgarian Patriarchate announced.

The meeting was also attended by Bishop Gerasim of Melnik, Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Polycarp of Belogradchik, Vicar of the Metropolis of Sofia, and Father Neluțu Oprea, representative of the Romanian Patriarchate in Bulgaria.

Ambassador Brândșa Predescu thanked the Bulgarian Patriarch for the reception and emphasized the excellent relations between Bulgaria and Romania. According to Her Excellency, the Danube River does not separate but unites the two peoples.

The Romanian Ambassador to Bulgaria thanked Patriarch Neophyte and the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for their friendship, as well as for their spiritual care for the Romanian community in Bulgaria.

Her Excellency noted the fraternal attitude of Patriarch Neophyte towards the representative of the Patriarch of Romania in Bulgaria.

His Beatitude Patriarch Neophyte thanked the Ambassador for the meeting and expressed his joy for the ministry of Fr. Neluțu Oprea in Bulgaria.

Ambassador Predescu invited Patriarch Neophyte to participate next year in the festivities marking the 100th anniversary of the construction and consecration of the Holy Trinity Romanian Church in Sofia.

Father Neluțu Oprea conveyed to Patriarch Neophyte and the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Church the best wishes from Patriarch Daniel on the Nativity of the Lord and the New Year 2022.



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