Patriarch of Antioch visited the WDRVM entreprise in the industrial city of Hassia | PHOTOS

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, Patriarch John X of Antioch and all East visited the WDRVM Company for Alternative Energy and Heavy Industries in the industrial city of Hassia Homs countryside, owned by Walid Elias.

When Patriarch John arrived at the entrance of the company, he was greeted by Walid and all the members of his honorable family. The Patriarch toured all the branches of the company and got acquainted with the entire industrial facility. He was familiarized with all the company’s manufacturies: wind turbines generating electric power from wind power, oil rigs, huge pumps, and else.

After Patriarch John was briefed on the rich and honorable history of the factory, and the lofty goal for which it was established, that is, the improvement of local industry’s quality to compete globally, and focusing on teaching, qualifying, and training the national cadres, ranging from the programmed minds to the workforce, He first addressed the family, thanking the Lord for the faith, determination, and love they have for God and for the nation. He congratulated them for their work and their mighty endeavors in building that transcends the boundaries of the industrial facility and thus contributing to building the nation, raising its flag high. His Beatitude concluded by praying for everyone to be healthy and strong, and for the factory to continue its prosperity, and to keep such good people, such as this family and all their assistants.



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