Open letter emailed to His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph Harkiolakis

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Thursday 09-09-2021

At 1.59 am – Sydney time

Your Eminence,

You may be a little surprised with me emailing you following the series of unfortunate events over the last 18 months. I will take this opportunity to remind you of our relationship and friendship dating back to March 1988.

In this email I will be blunt and truthful, I will not concern myself with perfect grammar and expression, for this is not the time to worry about formalities.

I will free write my sentiments in the vain hope that some of what I write makes a difference in the near future.

I clearly remember when you arrived at the archdiocese just after you touched down in Sydney International airport. I was 17 years of age and I believe I was the first parishioner you met from St Nicholas – the same parish you were appointed to and served until the day of your ordination to the episcopacy. Inevitably, we spoke and shared mutual aspirations for the future of the parish and in particular the need for a formation of a youth group.

You became my spiritual father and confessor, personal and family friend, we travelled visiting parishioners and blessing homes. We enjoyed many private family dinners and ultimately, I even met my now wife of 31 years in the youth Group that you inspired.

During my tenure in the diaconate, you became my confidant, during which time I gained a regrettably bitter insight into the hierarchy and its machinations. Our friendship took another dimension in depth as we both shared our deep disappointment in the unjust and unorthodox behaviour of the two Sydney hierarchs – being the archbishop and his assistant bishop.

I recall our conversations where we shared our disillusionment of the future of the church under the then regime – however, at the time your faith and steadfastness to orthodoxy coupled with your ethos and phronema served as a beacon of hope in my faith that one or two individuals are not indicative of the entire orthodox hierarchy.

I was overwhelmed by the public attack on you by archbishop Stylianos, his sermons and editorials were scathing of you as a hierarch of our church – I remember thinking how scandalous these were.

In hindsight and to my embarrassment and even shame – I have now come to believe he was right in his assessment and ultimate condemnation of you. Although, I still feel the faithful did not need to be pulverised over this via the pulpit.

If we fast forward to 2016, we met in Athens several times for lunch and coffee. Each and every time we met you confidently reassured me that archbishop Stylianos tenure is nearly over, and you would succeed the throne, asking for my help as a friend and publisher of one of the two Greek newspapers in NSW.

In 2018, following my two visits in February and May to Greece and Constantinople, you frantically worked in the background tasking me to assist the process of your potential election.

I distinctly remember, following our newspaper interview with His All Holiness in Constantinople you requested we interview you as well. Which was always my intention regardless.

However, in this interview, both I and my chief editor John Dramitinos were fascinated how you so easily and audaciously swayed from edifying archbishop Stylianos when the microphone was on, and how easily you crucified him when the microphone was off.

By the way – the microphone was always on!

Following this and my return to Australia we consistently spoke about the road ahead and I distinctly remember you warning me to stay away and be extremely cautious of certain individuals and in particular Nick Kalliouris.

You can imagine how surprised I am to find out that you and him now endorse each other and have united with the sole purpose to cause unnecessary discourse and chaos in the church of Australia.

I ask you in light of your condemnation to me of Nick Kaliouris, can you appreciate the hypocrisy of this alliance?

Further to my surprise your alliance and network with Kaliouris recruits Vasso Morali and worse Alkis Morelas.

I ask how and why a hierarch like yourself remains friends with that worthless and vulgar individual in Melbourne Alkis Morelas.

Morelas feels it is his god given right to write defamatory material about your spiritual children with absolutely no foundation– he even writes about clergy whom you vehemently said you would ordain to the episcopacy if you were elected as archbishop of Australia. The same clergy you pledged your paternal love and support to, are now being attacked with lies and slander, and yet you seem very comfortable with this.

It seems you are content to sit back and watch people whom you say you loved to be slandered by these worthless individuals who have the audacity to call themselves journalists.

Why would you allow Alki to attack people like my parents, my wife – all of whom, have not hurt you and with whom you shared so many good memories, slept and ate in our homes. In case you forgot, both my parents are deceased and how close you were – but that just does not seem to matter to you. So this is why i am writing to you.

I pause a fair and simple question to you – how would you have felt if archbishop Stylianos in his rants against you, slandered your late parents or your sister. Which by the way my late father absolutely adored your family.

As a dignified hierarch of the Ecumenical throne – Why have you not detached yourself from those louts who call themselves journalists ???
It is clear that you all share one dynamic, and it is THIS dynamic that cements your alliance.

You all failed in Australia !!!

First- You did not get the throne – although I supported and personally risked myself to help you.

Second – Vasso – following archbishop Stylianos death, found herself orphaned – as she stared into a future with no income and favours that were always availed to her by the previous regime.

Similar to your plans which you shared with me, if you were elected. As I recall it would have been a catharsis of biblical proportions!
Thirdly- Nick Kaliouris –there are so many outstanding matters and questionable financial transactions during his time in Redfern, that we all know are under investigation.

Final and most loathing member of your alliance –

Alas all three you find Alkis Morelas, who slimed his way out from under a rock in the hope he can hitch a ride for a little notoriety. He is TOO STUPID to realise you three are using him to print the vulgarities and threats, that you all wish you could print but are all too smart to do so.

I am pretty sure neither of you will pay for his legal fees when he is charged with criminal offences.

Following archbishop Stylianos’ passing in March 2019, you went into a frenzy lobbying everyone you felt could influence His All Holiness and the Holy Synod to elect you to succeed the throne of Australia.
I supported you – personally and publicly.

I felt your pain and devastation when your name was not read out on the eve of May 9 2019.

Regardless, I did believe you would maturely accept the synodical decision and support the new Archbishop in what was and still is a monumental task.

Instead, you adopted a destructive stance and engaged in a childlike behaviour that I can only liken to a toddler’s temper tantrum who throws his toys out of his play pin in protest.

I am hurt that you turned on people who genuinely cared for you.

I am PARTICULARLY astounded at the hypocrisy in which you, alongside Vasso and Kaliouris would choose to align yourself with the same pathetic individual ALKIS MORELAS.

The man who published the Tsakpina newspaper that continuously defamed the Late Archbishop Stylianos calling him a womaniser, porn man and so many more derogative terms. For your information I have copies of those publications.

You and your team claim to be the righteous defenders of the memory of the late archbishop Stylianos – and you swear that is your only motivation – yet you partner in crime with that trilobite of a “man”Alkis, who spent half his lifetime defaming your Geronta.
Well I think that says it all – as to how “genuine” and “transparent” you all are!!!

Sadly yours


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