Letter of support of the Patriarch of Alexandria for the earthquake in Crete

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Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa expresses his support after the catastrophic earthquake that struck the area of Arkalochori, in a letter to Metropolitan Andreas of Arkalochori, Kastelli, and Viannos.

Find below the letter of Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa:

Your Eminence Andrea, Metropolitan of Arkalochori, Kastelli, and Viannos most dear and beloved concelebrant and brother in Christ of my Mediocrity, we address and embrace Your Eminence fraternally in the Lord.

Being very much shocked by the destructive earthquake, which struck the island of Crete and by extension the Arkalochori and Your pious flock, our prayer and concern is turned towards the people of Your suffering District.

I want You to know that with this place that was so tested by the Earthquake I am particularly emotionally tied, therefore my interest and anxiety test my heart even more.

On bended knee, we supplicated the Most Holy Theotokos, that she covers through her maternal grace and protection our suffering brothers and sisters and console everyone, whose homes and families were severely tested.

Beloved brother in Christ


Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa

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