Restrictions on number of faithful and social distancing were lifted in churches in Belgium

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The Belgian Consultative Committee has given the green light for religions to perform the services as of September 1, 2021, without restrictions on the number of participants and social distancing. Only the face mask remains mandatory.

According to the ministerial decree published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 26 August 2021, it is clarified that the distance of 1.5 meters is no longer valid in places of worship during the services. The maximum number of believers is also abolished.

The face mask remains mandatory when entering the temple and during the service.

The Metropolis of Belgium stressed that these measures do not apply to the Brussels Region and that the additional measures included in the June 2021 protocols are still in force.

“The aforementioned does not mean that we should not be careful anymore, since the virus has not been defeated yet. To this end, the government urges us to continue to implement the security measures and to make the vaccine,” the announcement concludes.



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