Patriarch of Serbia received the ambassadors of Canada and Australia

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Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia and the ambassadors of Canada and Australia talked about Serbian emigrants and refugees who found their new home in Canada and Australia, where they built Orthodox churches and monasteries to meet their spiritual needs and preserve the religious tradition of their ancestors.

The ambassadors thanked the Patriarch of Serbia for the reception and friendly conversation during which they also expressed their desire to hear the position of Patriarch Porfirije due to current problems in the region. On that occasion, Patriarch Porfirije pointed out that the Serbian Orthodox Church is firmly committed to overcoming divisions and conflicts, and that we must not allow stereotypical and manipulative stigmatization of any people in the Balkans, which causes great damage to the truth and interfaith and interethnic coexistence.

The meeting was attended by an employee of the Embassy of Canada, Vladan Miladinovic, an employee of the Embassy of Australia, Irena Milojkovic, and the head of the Cabinet of the Serbian Patriarch, Deacon Aleksandar Prascevic.



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