Elder, what should I do with the vaccine?

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By Arch. Bartholomew, Abbot of Esphigmenou Monastery

A question that many faithful are asking themselves…

There has been so much fear among people lately that it looks like this is the first time vaccines have been made in the world!

Unfortunately, certain groups have managed to terrorize and divide the people. These groups are intended to cause confusion, to put everything into question, to create unrest, without, of course, proposing any serious treatment.

It is the “no to all” mentality, thus causing upset, luring as many people as possible into deception.

Humankind is going through a difficult period for about two years now, with the coronavirus pandemic having claimed many human lives, and left long-term health problems to those who fell ill and survived.

In order to achieve their goal, the groups which terrorize and divide camouflage the fight against the virus and the vaccination under a spiritual cloak, falsely putting forward the dimension of “holy fight against evil.” They managed to deceive the people because they found allies in their so-called holy struggle and some clergymen.

Some priests allegedly became family doctors, without medical knowledge, without knowing the medical history of each person, taking on responsibilities that do not belong to them.

It is wrong to ask the spiritual for a blessing for the vaccine. Simple trust is needed in the competent committee of specialists. It is the competent committee that will examine thoroughly the issue and knows what to suggest.

The evolution of science throughout history has led to the development of medication and vaccines, which improve people’s lives by preventing and curing diseases.

The persistent denial that is observed today against vaccination is criminal because many of those who are sick are likely to pass away. The accompanying fanaticism is a spiritual problem, vaccination is not a spiritual or church problem.

The numerous vaccines that we have all been given before have protected us from serious diseases that have plagued many generations of people.

Today, however, the persistent reaction to medically necessary vaccination deprives many of our fellow human beings of the right to live a normal life or, even worse, to survive.

History calls us to stand up to the circumstances, especially in the difficult period we are all going through.

Vaccination is not a spiritual issue. It is a purely medical matter.

Let us not dwell only on the power of evil.

Let us put God in our lives!

He is our hope, our joy, our life. He is everything!

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