Archbishop of Cyprus: The Archdiocese employees who are not vaccinated will be dismissed

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Speaking on Omega TV channel, Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus referred to the issue of vaccinations within the Archdiocese as reported by

Specifically, the Archbishop stated: “Today, I made an announcement to the Archdiocese; when they get back to work because in a week we go on vacation, those who have not been vaccinated must be vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated should not go back to work.

They must consider themselves fired; I will fire them and I do not discuss this with anyone. They are either persuaded and get vaccinated or they are fired. That is all.

They should learn to respect others. I will convene the Holy Synod very soon after the holidays because everyone has to come down to earth.”

It is reminded that the Archbishop warned a few days ago that there would be a salary cut for those priests, for whom he received complaints that they urge the faithful not to be vaccinated and to go to church without wearing face masks as reported by

Speaking on the channel of the public television, he said he had given instructions to know the names of these clergymen, stressing that any priest who opposes the decisions of the Archdiocese, especially of the Holy Synod, should be punished.

The Archbishop said the Holy Synod issued an encyclical that recommends the faithful to be vaccinated, following the experts’ recommendations, emphasizing that he did not adopt the COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories.

The Holy Synod, he said, wanted with the encyclical to call on the people to be vaccinated so that the virus is eliminated.



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