Archbishop of Athens: You can choose either the vaccine or the grave

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Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and all Greece reiterated once again the position of the Church of Greece on vaccinations as a means of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In particular, speaking at an event to honor organized by from the Municipality of Levadia, the Archbishop stressed that “here is the vaccine, there is the grave. Make your choice.

“We all have one obligation; love. Love is not only taking care of myself but also my neighbor I may think I will not catch the virus, I will not get sick, but it is not certain. Do I take the responsibility that I will not be the one to transmit the virus to another,” wondered the primate of the Church of Greece.

The Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece issued an encyclical, which was sent to the Holy Dioceses in regards to the pandemic and its treatment, entitled “Church and science in the fight against the pandemic.”

In fact, leaflets will be distributed with twelve questions and answers on various subjects, even about the microchips that conspiracy theorists love to put forward as a threat.

“Christians ask us about the vaccine and the doctors answer us”

Moreover, Minister of Health Vassilios Kikilias and Professor of the Medical School Sotirios Tsiodras attended the meeting of the Standing Holy Synod of Tuesday, July 13, 2021, to whom the Archbishop of Athens asked many questions about the course of the pandemic, as well as about the use of the new vaccines against COVID-19, expressing concerns and questions that the clergy and laity, members of the Church of Greece, share.

The Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece trusts the scientific community of doctors, which strives every day to put an end to this deadly pandemic. With the enlightenment of God and the painstaking effort of scientific researchers, humankind now has the vaccine, which is capable of building a wall in the spread of the pandemic.

Representative of Standing Holy Synod: We have confidence in scientists and doctors

“We have confidence in scientists and doctors. The vaccine is the only way to build a wall of safety and health,” commented the representative of the Standing Holy Synod, Metropolitan Athinagoras, emphasizing that the majority of priests and Metropolitans will be vaccinated.

According to Metropolitan Athinagoras, since there are people who either doubt or fear the vaccine, “the role of the Church is to cooperate with science and persuade them. The reason is the only means to convince some people. If they are convinced.”



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