Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria admitted to hospital

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Patriarch Neophyte was transferred to a hospital in the Bulgarian capital Sofia

According to a report by, as noted in a statement from the Patriarchate:

“His Beatitude Patriarch Neophytos of Bulgaria has been admitted to hospital for examinations. At the moment his condition is stable and he is feeling well, thanking everyone for their attention and prayers.

We call on the self-respecting media to refrain from publishing unverified facts and the public not to trust controversial equivalents who deliberately spread distorted news.”

Moreover, today, the head of the Department of Public Relations of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Patriarchate, Fr. Nicholas Georgiev, told the Bulgarian News Agency the following:

“As of this moment, I have no information about the change in the health condition of Patriarch Neophytos.

Information about the Patriarch’s health will only come from his team, or from the head of his office, or from his personal physician, or from the Secretary of the Holy Metropolis of Sofia.

The question of the Patriarch’s health is somehow a personal matter, and only those closest to him can say.

Patriarch Neophytos has been in the Tokuda hospital since yesterday, but I know that his condition is not serious.

I know this from the General Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria Bishop Gerasimos, the General Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria.”

A publication of, points out that the state of health of Patriarch Neophytos is serious, and that he was urgently transferred to the hospital on the evening of June 15-16.



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