Metropolitan of Belgium: The only way to overcome this crisis is to be vaccinated | VIDEO

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In a message on the social networking site of the Brussels Coronavirus (Coronavirus Cocom), Metropolitan Athinagoras of Belgium said the vaccination was the only way to defeat the pandemic.

“I believe that we must have confidence that the majority of our faithful will be vaccinated. This is a certainty. It is up to us now to try to persuade them to choose freely to be vaccinated. Of course, I will be vaccinated. I am looking forward to being vaccinated,” underlined Metropolitan Athinagoras.

He added: “The crisis has brought us closer to God. Every crisis we face is like a challenge to get closer, to pray,” Metropolitan Athinagoras said, “there is only one way to overcome this crisis, to be vaccinated. All together. For our own sakes and the good of our fellow citizens.”


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