Fine of 300 euros to the Metropolitan of Morphou for the Epiphany – “I am not willing to pay” says the Metropolitan

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The Metropolitan of Morphou is not willing to pay the fine of 300 euros for what is attributed to him for the day of the Epiphany, when hundreds of believers gathered in the church of Saint Marina in Evrychou, after his public call.

As reported by, the Metropolitan’s defense does not in itself recognize the Minister’s decree. In particular, and according to the lawyer of Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou, Nikos Clerides, the Decree of the Ministry of Health is not a law.

You cannot say that I should close the churches or that a church cannot be opened. This restriction affects the core of the constitutional right to religion,” he said.

The decision for the extra-judicial settlement was taken by the Legal Service, to which the Police addressed, completing the file of the case for the church service on the day of the Epiphany. Now the case, after the refusal of the Metropolitan of Morphou to pay, takes the path of justice.


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