Christmas with 4-15 believers in the Churches of Belgium

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The possibility of allowing the entrance of 15 people in places of worship in Belgium was proposed today by the Minister of Justice of the country, Vincent Van Quickenborne.

Metropolitan Athenagoras of Belgium mentioned in his encyclical that the Minister, given the precarious situation in the country due to COVID-19, suggested to the religious leaders of Belgium the possibility of allowing the entrance of a maximum of 15 people in places of worship from Sunday, December 13, 2020.

This will be possible as long as there will be one person for every 10 m² and by strictly observing the existing preventative measures (disinfection, use of face mask, keeping distances, without objects being touched by more than one person). The Government and the Security Council have not yet confirmed this proposal. The ministerial decree is expected to be issued on Saturday.

According to Metropolitan Athenagoras, this proposal offers to the faithful the opportunity to attend a Divine Liturgy during Christmas, to visit a church for individual prayer and to light a candle.

This small extension offers the possibility to attend the church mainly with the family. We invite all priests to provide a warm welcome to our faithful.”

Priests should inform their parishioners to register in advance in a list of attendees and to ensure that each Divine Liturgy will be attended by different people, so that as many people as possible can attend a Divine Liturgy during this period.

Source: Orthodox Times


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