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Moscow Patriarchate chooses path toward complete isolation – religious expert

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Commenting on an interview with ROC Metropolitan Antoniy (Pakanich), religious expert Oleksandr Yefremenko said the Moscow Patriarchate had chosen the path toward complete isolation.

“I would like to note that this interview gives an opportunity to assume that nothing new has been invented by the ROC, so the usual narratives are being reiterated. His statements about the future split, which will take place if all Local Churches do not accept their demands and roll things back, are evidence that Moscow has chosen the path toward complete isolation from Orthodoxy,” Yefremenko said in a blog.

He noted that all this is a manifestation of “Orthodox terrorism,” as Archbishop of the Patriarchate of Constantinople Daniel (Zelinsky) aptly put it.

“What will the consequences be? It is difficult to predict, but it is likely that they will inflict quite severe damage on the ROC itself. The only way out of this situation is for Moscow is to realize own mistakes, but they are not ready for this yet, and it is unlikely that this will happen any time soon,” Yefremenko concluded.

It should be recalled that earlier, religious expert Oleksandr Yefremenko wrote that the Amman 2.0 meeting would fixate a split of the ROC from Ecumenical Orthodoxy. He also noted that the ROC had once appropriated the Kyiv Metropolis without any “conciliar discussion.”

Source: df.news

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