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Archbishop of Australia: In the priesthood, in the life of the clergy, everything belongs to God


“The work of the priesthood is not human but angelic and heavenly,” said Archbishop Makarios of Australia, welcoming a new Deacon to the family of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia.

Anastasios Kalogerakis, a graduate of the St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College in Sydney received the first degree of the priesthood on the morning of Saturday, January 15, 2022. His ordination as a Deacon was performed by Archbishop Makarios at the Church of All Saints in Belmore, Sydney.

First of all, he addressed Archbishop Makarios of Australia, whom he thanked for the love and trust, as well as for his call to receive the first degree of the priesthood.

The speech of Archbishop Makarios included a brief theological analysis of the grace of the priesthood, the source of which, as he explained, is God Himself, who through the Holy Spirit bestows the fullness of the priesthood on the Bishops, and they, in turn, to the Presbyters and the Deacons.

“In the priesthood and in the life of the clergy, everything belongs to God,” the Archbishop pointed out, “and everything returns to Him, who is the source of life, grace and gifts.” And we mysteriously partake, that is, ecclesiastically and spiritually, in the life of Divine grace, when we live in God, that is, in love.”

The primary exhortation of the Archbishop to the new Deacon, then, was to never forget God’s love for Him and, accordingly, never to abandon the basic concern of the spiritual life, which is to love God with all our being.

At this point, he made extensive reference to the Christian upbringing he received from his family, as well as to the gift of Theology he received during his studies at St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College.

During his ministry, as he pointed out, he would face difficult times, and people would challenge him, wrong him, make him resentful, and disappoint him. He, therefore, called on the ordained to be ready for these trials but urged him to be first and foremost careful not to bother or disappoint people himself.

Archbishop Makarios was confident in the merit of the new Deacon, noting: “Personally, I glorify God because the family of our Holy Archdiocese acquires another righteous and blessed clergyman, who I am sure will honor the priesthood and the call, and will respond to the calls of the Church and his Archbishop.”

Source: orthodoxtimes.com

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