The Episcopal Ordination of Archimandrite Arsanios Dahdal

In a solemn Divine Liturgy, the Episcopal Ordination of Archimandrite Arsanios Dahdal took place in the Maryamiyah Cathedral in Damascus.

The service was presided over by Patriarch John X of Antioch and All the East, in the presence of Metropolitans, Bishops, and believers. The ordination ceremony began on Friday evening, November 19, 2021. On this evening, the elect was summoned to the patriarchal hall and then the Vespers prayer was held in the Maryamiyah Cathedral. The Patriarch presided over the Vespers and the elect initiated the prayer at the end of which the confession of faith was recited.

On Saturday morning, the Patriarch of Antioch presided over the Divine Liturgy and was assisted by the Metropolitans: Elias (Tyre and Sidon), Saba (Houran), George (Homs), Basilios (Akkar), Antonios (Zahle), Nicholas (Hama), Athanasius (Lattakia), Ephraim (Aleppo). Their Graces, Bishops Moussa Al- Khoury, Dimitri Sharbek, Youhanna Batch, and a group of priests and deacons were among the attendees.

The Chargé d’Affairs of the Greek Embassy, Ambassador Nicholas Protonotarios, the Consul of Greece in Syria, many members of the People’s Assembly, officials, and many believers also attended.

At the end of the liturgy, and after Patriarch John crowned the new Bishop and enthroned the newly ordained Bishop, His Beatitude delivered a speech in which He listed the virtues of the new bishop and praised the faith in his small family while growing up. This faith incited Bishop Arsanios to dedicate himself to the ministry of the Church and his teacher, Jesus Christ.



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