Patriarchate of Antioch issued warnings against “Squid Game”

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Τhe Antiochian Orthodox Media Center has issued warnings on the page of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East against violent movies that are inflicting harm on children and entering them in a virtual world of violence, murder, and hideous scenes, in addition to movies, series, and stories that promote perversion, and make our children a bait for movie producers, not only for the sake of material profit but also for a much-aggravated purpose that is the destruction of the image of the human being called to holiness.

The fact that these high-quality movies in terms of directing, shooting, audio-visual effects, and script, as well as stories, etc. are issued by major international companies such as Netflix, warner bros, Walt Disney, and other companies, is not surprising. These companies’ movies and channels have invaded many of our homes, and our young men and women follow them with great passion and enthusiasm.

Netflix comes with a whole bunch of movies that we warn against, such as:

Squid Game, Circle, The Platform, Tau, Red lights, Level 16, Truth or Dare, and No Escape Room.

International associations specialized in the protection of children, warn parents against these movies because they encourage children to perform acts of violence and even murder.

Likewise, an illustrated series about Superman’s bisexual son has been aired and we are all well aware of the impact of Superman’s personality on our children, the hero of truth and justice.

Eventually, awareness, follow-up, dialogue, prayer, living the Bible, and the preservation of the spiritual life in the family remain among the highest and primary necessities, in order to prevent, protect and preserve the holiness of the human being.

Let us pray to the Lord.



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