Archbishop of Athens to President of National Assembly of Serbia: Orthodox faith unites us | PHOTOS

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Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece had a meeting this morning with the President of the Serbian National Assembly, Ivica Dacic.

The Archbishop welcomed the President and his entourage and referred to the common elements of the two countries, emphasizing that the Orthodox faith unites us.

He spoke about the good cooperation that exists at all levels on both sides and wished the president strength in his work.

Dacic thanked the Archbishop for the reception and spoke about the strong relations between the two peoples. “We feel at home because we consider the Greeks our brothers,” the President noted, referring to his visit to Greece on the occasion of a conference held here.

He underlined that there are two sacred monuments for the Serbs in the Greek Territory, one is the Monastery of Chilandari on Mount Athos and the second is Corfu, where there are the blue tombs of the Serbs. It is the place where thousands of Serbian soldiers were buried during the First World War.

The President spoke about the problems that exist today and the issues that concern them, such as the issue of Kosovo, while he made it clear that the Serbian people support the Greek and has done so since the time of the Ottoman Empire, emphasizing that “you can count on the Serbs as true friends “.

He also referred to the pandemic and the problems that arise and expressed the hope that with God’s help everything will be overcome.

The Archbishop added that he agrees with the thoughts of the President and wished that the mentality of the division of states would not prevail. “It is something that frightens and worries us,” he stressed.



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