The Patriarch of Moscow praised the role of Gazprom in the “rebirth of faith”

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By Kostas Onisenko

“I am deeply convinced that the rebirth of Russia was accompanied by the rebirth of faith (…) Gazprom has also played a very important role in this process and has been playing so far, and the energy sector in general,” Patriarch Kirill of Moscow told the administration of Russian gas giant Gazprom today.

“The spiritual rebirth, of course, became one of the victories that our people had then (in the ’90s), overcoming the problems of living and entering the new living conditions of our state.

And of course, in this move forward, in the development of the economy, Gazprom, the gas industry, our energy sector, played an important, perhaps decisive, role.

If, perhaps, there was not this primordial capital, placed by God in the bowels of our earth, according to Divine providence, then where would the material goods, which were necessary to support the economy, the armed forces, security, and to ensure a certain standard of living for the people would come from?” Patriarch Kirill wondered after the consecration of a church on the seashore of St. Petersburg on Monday, September 13.

The event was attended by Alexei Miller, head of Gazprom, who -according to the Russian media- “participated in the repair of the temple.” Miller as well as the general manager of “Gazprom invest” received letters of honor from the Russian patriarch.



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