Ecumenical Patriarchate: There is an alteration of Orthodox ecclesiology in Synod of Crete, Ukrainian issue, pandemic

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During its three-day work, which was concluded on Friday afternoon, the Synaxis of the Hierarchy of the Ecumenical Throne stressed the need to strengthen the genuine ecclesiastical faith.

In particular, the Synaxis noted with regret “a willingness to alter Orthodox ecclesiology, as evidenced by the latest ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical events (abstention of four local Orthodox Churches from the Holy and Great Synod, Ukrainian ecclesiastical issue, pandemic), where some local churches deviate from the canonical tradition, a deviation in which the Great Church of Christ cannot be indifferent at all.”

In the announcement of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, it is also emphasized that the inter-Christian and interreligious dialogues stressed the need to promote the true and genuine Orthodox faith as an offer to the world and the need to continue cooperation, mainly on social, ecological and humanitarian issues to alleviate and eliminate problematic differences and current inequalities.

The Synaxis also discussed the great issue that afflicts humankind, the COVID-19 pandemic, where besides the hierarchs, the distinguished Professor of Medicine, Dr. Sotirios Tsiodras, was invited to speak, and answered relevant questions for the pandemic.

Extensive reference was also made to the coupling of the Orthodox ecclesiastical tradition with the modern scientific and technological achievements, but also with the transformations of the society of the future.

In addition, the spread of the Gospel in the 21st century, modern geopolitical conditions and the role of the Church in them, inter-Christian and inter-religious relations, the pastoral care of old age and youth, but also the valuable testimony of monasticism, morality and its constant offering to the people of God were some issues that concerned the Synaxis.



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