Archbishop of Cyprus: If priests do not backtrack for urging vaccine refusal, they will not receive a salary | VIDEO

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Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus gave an ultimatum by the end of the week to the priests who have been denounced at the Holy Synod for urging the people not to be vaccinated.

The Archbishop said if they did not issue a public apology and a written statement to the Synod for their unacceptable sermons, they would not receive their salary at the end month.

Yesterday I called the director of the Holy Synod and asked him to call all those who had been denounced to us at the Synod for violating the order of the Synod.

He called them for the last time, asking them if they wanted to retract their statements that the faithful must not get vaccinated in their sermons or confessions. If they do not do so, they will not receive a salary at the end of the month.

In fact, I told them to make their statements in the media and you will send them in writing to the Synod because the situation is serious. We told them that within a week you should make statements of repentance and the Church forgives.”

Speaking on television, the Archbishop said everyone responded positively to his call, and eagerly said, “Since the Synod made this decision, we are convinced.”

Commenting on the meeting of the Synod last week, he spoke of a meaningful dialogue while stressing that a strong message had been sent.

“There was a substantive dialogue, I had stated there that everyone could do what they want, we have democracy. If one does not want to be vaccinated, one may do so, but no one can tell others not to be vaccinated, that person has no such right.

We seemed to be strict. If they do not clarify this issue, they are not going to get paid. It applies to everyone.

Asked if he was bothered by the fact that all this may be done by some with the ultimate goal of the archdiocesan elections, he answered no, however, he regretted the degradation of some and warned that measures would be taken.

“The Synod and all of us recommend that everyone be vaccinated so that this evil ends, to escape and hope that very soon it will be a disease that will be cured like all diseases and we will not have deaths.”

It is reminded that when the Archbishop was asked to comment on the disobedience of a specific hierarch and clergy, he stressed: “Whoever does not comply with the decisions of the Synod will not receive his salary at the end of the month.

At the same time, he clarified that the vaccination was voluntary, however, regarding the clergy, and especially the hierarchs, they can maintain their views, however, they can not urge the congregation not to be vaccinated.

As for the hierarchs, he clarified that if there were incidents of disobedience from hierarchs regarding the decision of the Holy Synod on vaccination, he would insist that these hierarchs be banned from the Synod.



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