Metropolis of Belgium: A call for help for the victims of natural disasters

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The Metropolis of Belgium being linked to the natural disasters that happened over the last month in Belgium and in Greece has released a statement acknowledging the efforts of all those that answered the call for help, and now is calling people to help those in need, those who lost everything in the late floods and fires.

You can read the statement below:

We watched through the media the results of the two recent natural disasters. First, there were floods in our areas and mainly in the Belgian provinces of Liège and Limburg as well as in the southeast of the Netherlands. Then we witnessed forest fires in various parts of Greece.

The two disasters have already cost thousands of people their homes and livelihoods. We stand with all those who have lost their homes and property in these last days and who have fallen victim to these disasters. We also pray that our Lord and God will grant to the dead eternal rest in His Kingdom, to give healing to the wounded, and support and strengthen all the victims in their trials!

But we also see the great solidarity that has emerged these days. Firefighters, soldiers and the first to intervene came to the two affected areas, coming from many parts of Europe, to help and support the affected population. The financial support of States, Churches, social institutions and many private benefactors is needed to alleviate the great wounds and give people the opportunity to regain what they have lost.

Our Diocese also wishes to contribute. We extend a warm appeal to all the faithful of the Metropolis of Belgium and the Exarchate of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as well as to all people of goodwill, to support this effort. Primarily through prayers, but also through a substantial financial contribution.

Donations to the victims of these two natural disasters can be deposited in the following bank account:

Archevêché Orthodoxe de Belgique asbl
IBAN : BE11 3630 5147 8748

Notification : Soutien victimes catastrophes



BANK: Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank)

IBAN: BG46 BPBI 8898 4030 6876 01

or through PayPal