Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada: Do You Worship the Communion Spoon? Then You Are a Pagan

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What a shame that you refuse to understand this. You continue to think that you are more orthodox than others. You shout in all directions that you possess the truth. Without realizing it, you deify the spoon. Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of Christ. It is medicine for immortality. The communion spoon is merely an instrument. It is a vehicle through which Holy Communion is given and nothing else. Do you worship the communion spoon? Then you are a pagan.

All of the newly proclaimed infallible are pagans without even realizing it. They howl that they have the truth. That they know better. That they are the genuine orthodox believers. That no one really understands what is happening in the world. Not the governments. Not the doctors. Not the patriarchs. Not the hierarchs. Not the priests.

For these people, conspiracy is everywhere. Everything comes from Satan. Only they have the truth. Vaccines are not necessary. Everything is a lie. It is all propaganda. They do not want us to listen to the scientists but to listen to what they have to say. They are the infallible. They have even surpassed the Pope, yet they claim to be genuinely Orthodox.

What a shame! Where is the humility? Can you not see your luciferian egotism? Is this what the Orthodox faith teaches? Is this what the Holy Spirit inspires? No. All of this is in your imagination. All of this is a product of your luciferian egotism. Do you not see that many who supported these ideas were infected with the coronavirus and some have died? Can nothing restrain you? What a pity.

Hierarchs, priests, elders, monks, nuns, ordinary people, all of you who think that you are more genuinely orthodox than the others, it is time to think again. You need to act responsibly. You need to recognize that the coronavirus is a reality. In recognizing this, you must set a good example for others. Be the first to get vaccinated. Become an example and lead everyone to get their vaccines. So we could finally save ourselves from this accursed coronavirus disease.

By your selfishness, you deprive yourselves of the Body and Blood of Christ. You scandalize the faithful by running to old calendarists and others who do not follow the true orthodox faith. This is not only disrespectful but also distrustful to the Crucified and Risen Christ.

Get a grip on yourselves. Repent. Think about the evil you are doing. You are leading yourselves to Hades and dragging others with you.

Think about humility and prudence. Humility is the basis of all virtues, and prudence represents the broader coherence, the resulting outcome of the virtues. You need to pray. To ask for the Holy Spirit to enlighten you. Find suitable spiritual fathers and confess. Cry for your sins. Ask the merciful God to forgive you. He will forgive you. He is merciful. This is the reality. Everything else is a product of your luciferian egotism.

Source: Ιερά Αρχιεπισκοπή Καναδά | Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada


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