Archbishop of Cyprus: We must not allow Erdogan to do what is in the interest of Turkey

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Asked to comment on the Turkish provocations in Ammochostos, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus said that the people and the government should take care not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to fight, as he said, for our country and not to allow Erdogan to do what is in the interest of Turkey.

Erdogan, the Archbishop added, does not work for the sake of the Turkish Cypriots. If that really was his goal, he would agree to a reunited Cyprus.

“Erdogan is acting in the interests of his country and the Greek community should learn from its mistakes and work in its own interests,” said Archbishop Chrysostomos.

His goal, he added, is the whole of Cyprus, so everyone should agree and cooperate with the right Turkish Cypriots, he said, in order to create a proper state.

Those Turkish Cypriots wishing to come to a common-mixed state are welcome, he added.

If some Turkish Cypriots do not want to, let them make their own state, he said, reiterating that the government rightly insists on this policy based on UN resolutions. We must stubbornly stay within this framework, he concluded.

Archbishop on vaccinations: Everyone should learn to respect themselves and those around them

Moreover, Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus stated that the position of the Church in favor of vaccinations and the relevant encyclical that has been issued had a very positive impact on the faithful and society, in general.

Everyone, he added, must learn to respect themselves and those around them. No one can do what they want, he stressed.

Speaking after the Divine Liturgy and the memorial service of the Archimandrites of the Monastery of Saint Neophytos, Alexios and Chariton, the primate of the Church added that the rights of the majority could not be violated by some who claim their own rights.

The Archbishop reiterated his appeal to the young people, who have not yet been vaccinated, to go beyond themselves, to be vaccinated first for their own sake, as he mentioned, but also for the sake of society and the homeland.

Our country is facing several problems, he added, and the pandemic will have to end so that normalcy, prosperity, development and peace can return.



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