Archbishop of Albania: Blessed Metropolitan of Kinshasa contributed to the spiritual cultivation of young people

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Upon being informed of the main issue of Metropolitan Nikiforos of Kinshasa, the Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durres, and Αll of Albania,  performed a memorial service and, referring to the personal acquaintance and contribution of the late Metropolitan in the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania stated:

“We were saddened to be informed of the repose in the Lord of our beloved brother Nikiforos. The Blessed One, before his ecclesiastical ministry in Africa, was a valuable collaborator in the Lord in the reconstruction of the Albanian Orthodox Church, as the first Principal of the Ecclesiastical High School “Holy Cross” in Argyrokastro(1998-2006).

With his missionary zeal, diligence, educational experience, simplicity of character, and orthodox spirituality, he contributed substantially to the education and spiritual cultivation of young people. We have always maintained a brotherly society.

The Church of Albania remembers him with gratitude. The Lord, whom he loved with all his soul and with self-sacrifice served in demanding areas, let him rest his noble soul in the scenes of the righteous”.



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