The Patriach of Romania urges parents, teachers and priests to support students intensely

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The Patriarch of Romania sent a message before the national examination and baccalaureate. Patriarch Daniel first addressed the young people to whom he stressed the importance of these exams for their development. He also urged parents, teachers and priests in the parishes to support them more intensely at the end of this difficult school year.

Blessing and encouragement for exams/full text:

Dear students,

Along with the family, the School and the Church are lights of your spiritual formation as people in the family and in society, to live life personally and at the same time as a community.

In the formation of each of us, exams are the most appropriate opportunities for evaluation and intellectual maturation, experiences that contribute considerably to our mental, emotional and intellectual progress.

Preparing for exams and taking them increases self-confidence, increases the capacity for communication dialogue, but also communion with other students and adults.

In the difficult context of a school year, unfolding under the worrying sign of the pandemic that has greatly changed and complicated the way we teach and learn, we urge students’ parents, teachers and parish priests to support you more intensely now, uniting prayer with good advice and concrete help.

We pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Teacher and Light of the world, to inspire you and give you hope, courage, much success and joy!

With paternal love and blessing,

† Daniel
Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church



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