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The Golden Key of the city of Alexandria was awarded to the Patriarch of Alexandria | PHOTOS

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Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa was received at the State House of the Great City of Alexandria, today, Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

In a very cordial atmosphere, the Patriarch of Alexandria, who was accompanied by the Patriarchal Commissioner of Alexandria Metropolitan Narcissus of Nafkratis, was received by the Governor of Alexandria, Mohamed Al Serif.

Governor Al Serif, expressing his respect and appreciation to the Patriarch of Alexandria, referred with admiration to the long-term ministry of the Patriarch in the City of Alexandria who leads the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria, characteristically emphasizing that Alexandria is a Greek city by its establishment, where the historic Patriarchate has maintained its seat for 2,000 years. He also stated that he will always be by the side of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

The Governor of Alexandria, with due order, awarded Patriarch Theodore II, the highest honorary distinction, the golden key of the City, as an expression and sign of infinite respect, love, and recognition of his tireless missionary work.

The Patriarch, with joy, thanked the Governor for the hospitality, but mainly for the great honor, reciprocated with gifts of love, expressing his great gratitude, respect, and love, emphasizing the long-term ties that bind them, when Al Sherif served in various administrative positions in the city.

Afterwards, they exchanged views and discussed various issues of common interest, mainly regarding the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and its offering work in the Great City and in general throughout Egypt.

The Patriarch congratulated and wished strength in all the works carried out by the Governor and his staff, which the Patriarch personally watches and admires with interest.

Finally, the Governor thanked the Patriarch for his work and his presence in all African countries, emphasizing that his country considers him an Ambassador of Egypt to the African continent.

Source: orthodoxtimes.com

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