No worshippers at services in Dagestan – Outbreak of coronavirus in parts of Russia

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By Kostas Onisenko

No worshippers will hold Masses in churches at the Russian region of Dagestan due to restrictions related to the spread of the coronavirus. Recently there has been an outbreak of the pandemic in various regions of Russia, forcing the authorities to reintroduce restrictions, including on places of worship.

“It has been decided: the heads of religious organizations of all denominations in Dagestan from June 21st until the end of the “heightened state of readiness” in the territory of the Republic of Dagestan to not allow conducting any services with the presence of people (worshippers).

For the access the services, the people will have to use live broadcasts via Internet, television and other means of remote communication” is stated in the text of the decision of the “Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Consumer Rights Protection and People’s Welfare” – in short “Rospotrebnadzor”

It was also decided to conduct daily thermometry of priests and limit the number of participants in weddings, baptisms, memorial services, etc.
Every day all surfaces in the Churches should be cleaned as well as religious objects after each use. It is also recommended that the air in places of worship be disinfected.

In order to protect against the spread of coronavirus, a major religious hike planned for 26-27 June in the Kuban region was also cancelled.



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