Abbot Ephraim admitted to Evangelismos hospital with coronavirus and underlying medical conditions

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The abbot of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos, Ephraim, is transferred to Athens to be treated at the Covid clinic of Evangelismos.

Abbot Ephraim was found a few days ago, positive for the coronavirus.

According to the information of, the health condition of the abbot has deteriorated in the last few hours, and for this reason, the people in the administration of Mount Athos considered it necessary to transfer him to Athens, specifically to the “Evangelismos” hospital.

Most likely, Abbot Ephraim will be hospitalized in the intensive care unit to receive the necessary treatment and care, but doctors are still waiting for him to arrive at the hospital to assess his state of health.

It is worth noting that Abbot Ephraim had not been vaccinated against Covid while suffering from underlying diseases (diabetes) and had previously had heart problems.


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