Serbian Bishop Jovan of Pakrac and Slavonia got vaccinated against COVID-19

In other languages: SRB – BG

By Mladen Aleksic

Serbian bishop Jovan of Pakrac and Slavonia got vaccinated, as he revealed himself during the morning TV show TV Prva.

“This disease (Covid-19) took Patriarch Irinej, Metropolitan Amfilohije, Bishop Atanasije, Bishop Milutin and we have no choice but to get the vaccine,“ he said.

He added that he doesn’t understand people who don’t want to be vaccinated, saying “Let them go to the hospitals and see by themselves.“

Bishop Jovan went further and noticed that not believing in the vaccine is the same as not believing that the Earth is round.

As far as we know, Bishop Jovan of Pakrac is the 5th bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church who got vaccinated, after Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid, Bishop Lavrentije of Sabac, vicar-bishop Stefan of Remezian, and Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosnia.



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