Protective measures against COVID-19 are extended on Mount Athos until May 10

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By the decision of the Deputy Commander of Mount Athos, the suspension of all pilgrimage visits is extended until May 10, 2021, and it is necessary to carry out preventive checks at the ports of entry of Mount Athos to anyone wishing to enter.

According to the announcement, it is necessary to carry out preventive checks via rapid tests in the ports of entry of Mount Athos, Ouranoupolis, Ierissos, and Tripiti before boarding the ships or on any other means of transport to the monks, civil servants, and employees of the holy monasteries.

Entry in case of a positive result or the appearance of symptoms of the disease will be prohibited except for the residents of the Athonite state.

The examination will be performed by doctors in an accessible place near to the pilgrimage office and the arrival in relation to the itineraries should be done in time in order to carry out the tests.

The monasteries to which, according to the provision of article 176, belongs the jurisdiction to enter are reverently requested for their assistance. The Port Authorities of Ierissos and Ouranoupolis have requested their support and assistance as well.



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