Metropolitan of Kyiv: Ukrainians will not succumb to the fear that the Russians want to cause

In other languages: GR – UKR – BG

By Kostas Onisenko

A message of moral uplift was sent to the Ukrainian people by Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv and All Ukraine.

Metropolitan Epifaniy reacts to the threat of war that is looming over Ukraine these days, due to the huge concentration of Russian troops on the border with the country, in the breakaway region which is controlled by the separatists and the Russian army.

Metropolitan Epifaniy said that the Ukrainians would not succumb to the fear that the Russians were trying to provoke with their actions: And the neighbor – attacker, knows very well that all this time the Ukrainians have shown such spiritual strength and unity, which few expected from us. We were not destroyed by the bombings and the lies of the attacker did not break us”.

“These days in April, we are entering the eighth year of the war. A war we did not want, did not start and did not provoke. We never aspired for something that was not ours, we never sought to enslave others or occupy anyone’s land. A war in which we are defending the land that God has given us, our people, and our values,” said the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.



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