Mourning, sadness over funeral of Bishop Atanasije Jevtic | PHOTOS & VIDEO

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By Mladen Aleksic

The Matins and memorial service of the retired Bishop of Zahumlje-Hercegovina and Primorje, Atanasije Jevtic, was held in front of the Cathedral in Trebinje this morning from 8.30.

The bishop’s health condition had deteriorated in recent days, while he was in the hospital in serious condition.

Despite the efforts of the medical team of the PHI Trebinje hospital, the Bishop passed away on the night of Thursday, March 4, at the age of 83.

Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabro-Bosnia presided over the service, with the concelebration of the Bishops: Justin of Zica, Grigorije of Dusseldorf and Germany, Joanikije of Budim-Niksic, Maxim of Western America, Arsenije of Nis, Kiril of South America, Metodije of Dioklija, Dimitrije of Zahumsko-Hercegovacka and many priests, deacons, monks, faithful people.

President of Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic, Prince Filip Karadjordjevic with his wife Danica attended the funeral service.

During the Liturgy, Bishop Maxim of Western America delivered his emotional homily about late Bishop Atanasije. He said that Bishop Atanasije was a man of the depths of the psalms. He added: “Some praised him (Atanasije), others criticized. Some could not fit him into their own standards.”

At the end of the Liturgy, Metropolitan Hrizostom read a letter by Patriarch Porfirije about Bishop Atanasije. He said that Bishop Atanasije, along with Saints Justin and Nikolaj, was the most prolific and probably the most recognized and most famous Serbian theological and scientific writer in the world. Patriarch Porfirije could not attend the funeral service because he is in self-isolation.

Also, Greek orthodox priest, academician and astrophysicist Fr. Emmanuel Sarris. He added that Bishop Atanasije recognized theology even in the football game.

As his spiritual child, Bishop Grigorije of Dusseldorf and Germany delivered a speech with tears in his eyes. He said: “You were not afraid of civil authorities, just like Metropolitan Amfilohije. They were afraid of you and they avoided meeting you.”

The Matins service with requiem for the late Bishop was held in the Cathedral Church in Trebinje at 8.30 and then a Holy Liturgy took place at 10.00.

The funeral procession started at 12.00 from the Cathedral Church to Tvrdos Monastery.

The burial took place in the Chapel of the Resurrection of the Lord at the cemetery of the Tvrdos Monastery at 13.30.



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