Patriarch of Serbia congratulated Novak Djokovic: He raises morale and fills hearts with pride

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By Mladen Aleksic

Patriarch Porfirije of Serbia congratulated Novak Djokovic on his victory in the final of the Australian Open, where he won the 9th title.

What he does is a superior sport, but also something much more than that. Something that raises morale and fills the hearts with pride of all of us who participate with him in joint struggles with encouragement, learning to endure pain and overcome all physical limitations, just like him… Novak, thank you for that and for everything else you will show and bring us. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, with our prayers for Novak and his entire family,” said the Patriarch of Serbia in the message.

Also, Patriarch Porfirije sent condolences to Djordje Balasevic’s family, a popular Serbian pop singer, who died after contracting the new coronavirus. In his message, the Patriarch said: “I pray for the salvation of the Djordje’s soul who, in difficult years, brought meaning and serenity to the everyday life of many generations.”


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