Metropolitan of Ukraine: I wish the successor to the Throne of St Sava many years of service

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By Kostas Onisenko

The Head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy of Kyiv, sent a heartfelt message for the election of the new Patriarch of Serbia.

In particular, the message he posted on social media is the following:

“The Hierarchical Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church held the election today with God’s blessing of the 46th Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovac, and Serbian Patriarch Metropolitan Porfirije of Zagreb and Ljubljana.

I congratulate my fellow brother newly-elected Patriarch Porfirije on accepting the invitation to become the Head of the Sister Serbian Orthodox Church. May the successor to the throne of Saint Sava, Patriarch Porfirije serve for many years his local Church, the pious people and the fullness of Orthodoxy!”

Source: OrthodoxTimes


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