Metropolitan of Zambia: Christians celebrate Nativity to show that hope can be found in most unusual places

In the Mission, one can experience the beauty of Christmas and understand the true meaning of the Nativity since one follows the path of faith and piety, where Christ is constantly being reborn.

During the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan John of Zambia wished all the best on behalf of Pope and Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa and informed the faithful that the works regarding the Missionary Centre were about to be completed.

In his homily, he addressed the faithful and stressed: “On the 25th of December, Christians celebrate the Birth of the Godman in a humble manger in order to show that hope and love can be found in the most unusual places. Christians honour the Miracle of the Nativity. They worship the Divine Infant. Christ of Love. The Godman of Humility.”

“It is noteworthy that this makeshift hut in this part of Africa has become a new manger that has been hosting the newborn Christ in the hearts of children over the last 20 centuries,” he added.

“Happy, Blessed and very Merry Christmas! The Nativity marks a new beginning, an opportunity for forgiveness and shows a path of love and creation. Through the Nativity, the most beautiful things in life are possible even under adverse conditions,” he concluded.

Source: Orthodox Times


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