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Statement of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej

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His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch has said today that the only agreement that the Serbian Orthodox Church accepts is the one in which Kosovo is part of Serbia.

„That is absolutely the position of the Church, and nothing has changed there. We will still see in which direction the negotiations between the Serbian and Albanian sides are going, we are still getting to know the matter, „said Patriarch Irinej, commenting on the negotiations that took place between Belgrade and Pristina in the previous days.

The Patriarch has emphasized that the Serbian Orthodox Church will join the negotiations on Kosovo pending an invitation. „If someone invites us and gives us a chance, we will join the talks on Kosovo. Otherwise, we will certainly attentively observe the process of negotiations, „said Patriarch Irinej.

The Patriarch has stated that the representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church are waiting to see the contents of the original agreement, and that he personally, as well as the Church, supports the idea of ​​normalizing relations between Albanians and Serbs. „That would be normal and logical. It is essential to establish a good relationship between these two peoples, „Patriarch Irinej said.

Source: Serbian Patriarchate

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