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EXCLUSIVE: Flag of the Hamas terrorist organization in Hagia Sophia

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One week ago, there was an uproar from Taliban supporters, who with excessive audacity opened the banner of the terrorist organization inside the legendary Hagia Sophia temple and in fact without any of the attendees being interested or offended.

A few days later, a new blow-proof for the unbridled aggression of the Turkish state against the Christians of its territory, came from Panagia Soumela in Pontus, where fanatical Islamists have destroyed the unique Byzantine hagiographies, engraving names and slogans on them.

The new incident of rage comes again from Constantinople and Hagia Sophia. This time it is a supporter of the Palestinian Hamas, who found suitable ground to open the organization’s flag, celebrating for reasons only he knows, the conversion of the temple into a mosque and apparently the support of Recep Tayyip Erdogan (so far, orally at least) in the struggle of the Palestinians against Israeli annexation moves.

Source: Capital.gr

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