Patriarch of Alexandria to celebrate 30 years since his episcopal consecration

An important day for the primate of the Church of Alexandria and the Orthodox Church of Africa will be June 17, 2020, as it will exactly thirty years since the day he was ordained a Bishop.

Specifically, it was on June 17, 1990, when the current Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodore, was ordained a Bishop of Cyrene.

On the same day, he was appointed representative and director of the Office of the late Patriarch of Alexandria, Parthenius III, in Athens, where he remained for seven years (1990-97).

He was then elected Metropolitan of Cameroon in 1997. In 2002, he was elected Metropolitan of Zimbabwe and on October 9, 2004, he was elected unanimously by the Hierarchy of the Patriarchate of Alexandria as the 115th Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa. He is the seventh Patriarch of Alexandria of Cretan origin after Silvester, Meletius Pigas, Cyrillos Lucaris, Gerasimus Palladas, Gerasimus Spartaliotis and Meletius Metaxakis.

Source: Orthodox Times


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