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Pastoral visit of Metropolitan of Austria to the city of Leoben | PHOTOS

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On Sunday, January 23, 2022, the Orthodox Parish of the Theotokos of the Continuing Assistance in the city of Leoben celebrated the Holy Theophany and the Sanctification of the waters.

Metropolitan Arsenios of Austria and Exarch of Hungary presided over the Divine Liturgy in the majestic Parish of the Theotokos of the Continuing Assistance. The service was co-officiated by Fr. Nemania Komnenov, the Priestly Head, Fr. Stefan Lorbek, the Deacon of the Parish, the Presbyter Fr. Aristides Ganosis, and the Archdeacon Fr. Maximos Rugyko.

In his sermon, the Metropolitan referred to the Revelation of the Triune God during the Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan River and to His eternal presence in the Church and in the life of every baptized faithful. At Holy Baptism the Christian expels the old human and puts on Christ to purify and change himself and bring Sanctification to those around him and to the created world. The “enlightened” faithful see the True Light, Christ, and recognize Him with the eyes of his heart, like the Blind of Jericho, said the Metropolitan of Austria and then mentions the Sunday evangelical excerpt of the miracle of the healing of the Blind. He called on the numerous parishioners to live united with Christ, in peace, love, and mutual support, in order to overcome adversity and aim at Salvation and the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven.

After the end of the Divine Liturgy, the High Priest, supported by the Priests and Deacons, performed the Service of the Great Sanctification inside the Holy Temple and consecrated the crew.

The Clergy and the faithful, then, chanting hymns of the Theophany, directed with the procession to the bridge over the river Mur. There, the Metropolitan performed the Sanctification of the waters by throwing the Holy Cross into the river to sanctify nature together with people. The ceremony was attended by representatives of religious, political, and municipal authorities and institutions of the city to whom the Metropolitan addressed greetings and thanks for the good cooperation and assistance they offer to the work of the Orthodox Church. He also wished for all a blessed, cheerful, and fruitful New Year, so that they can contribute to the improvement of the living conditions and health of the soul and body of fellow human beings.

Returning to the Holy Temple, the parishioners and the numerous visitors from the surrounding areas, always observing the protective measures against the spread of the Coronavirus, met at the Parish, where they had the opportunity to talk to each other but also to their priest and the clergy.

Source: orthodoxtimes.com

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