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Archbishop of America attended graduation ceremony of Greek School in Port Washington

“Greek is a language that is the key to success. Greek is not our problem in the USA, but the secret of our success as Greeks,” pointed out Archbishop Elpidophoros of America during his speech at the graduation ceremony of the students of the Greek Afternoon School of the community of Archangel Michael of Port Washington, New York as reported by anamniseis.net.

The ceremony took place on Friday, June 11, 2021, and was well organized and moving. Both the graduates and the leaders of the school and the community mentioned the need to safeguard and teach the Greek language and stressed its role in the cultivation of the Greek language, consciousness in the younger generations of Greek Americans.

Excited by the warm welcome of the hierarch, Fr. Ioannis Lardas, and Fr. Michael Palamaras, as well as all members of the community, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America recited the opening prayer. He then conveyed a short greeting, and extended congratulations and wishes to the graduates of the school.

The Hierarchical Head of the Community, Fr. Ioannis Lardas, expressed his admiration and pride to the students who managed with diligence to complete their school term while cultivating in them a love for the Greek language and culture. In addition, he congratulated the headteacher and the teaching staff for their excellent educational work and their dedication to the community school.

Immediately afterwards, Evangelos Haziroglou presented the alumni class, and they awarded prizes and diplomas to the graduates, along with Archbishop Elpidophoros.

All graduates received commemorative albums, which included photographs and exhibitions in Greek.

Source: orthodoxtimes.com

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